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The activities and experience that the children have the opportunity to participate in incorporate all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We cover the prime areas, specific areas and the characteristics of effective learning. Each child has their own key person, who along with other members of staff, gathers observations, photographs, artwork create their individual EYFS profile.

This is a lovely keepsake of your child’s achievements and memories of Dad’s the Word.

You will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and development, interests, friendships, and share information with the key person and we have regular parent reviews, open evenings, and family gatherings.


Our Curriculum:

What we are going to teach.

We create a curriculum that is ambitious and allows all children to have the opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding, and recognise Cultural Capital, which will help support them and be able to succeed in life.

We provide activities, opportunities and experiences that explore all areas of learning and development as set out in the EYFS, and make sure their is a balance between child-initiated play and adult led activities.

We support children's learning through careful and purposeful planning and appropriate opportunities; whilst supporting each child with an enabling environment that will meet their individual needs.

We continue to review how each child learns and the progress that they are making, whilst working together with parents and other childcare settings.

Pedagogy: what we do and how we teach our curriculum

Helping children to learn: Children are powerful learners, and every child can make progress in their learning, with the correct support.

An effective pedagogy can be achieved through a combination of different approaches. Every child is different and we support them through guided learning and direct teaching.

Our practitioners carefully organise enabling environments for high quality play, and find the balance between making time and space available for children to invent their own play, and to sensitively support and extend each child's learning.

A well planned and thought-out learning environment, indoors and outdoors, is an important aspect of pedagogy.

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